Papa Vitamin Jelly AD Plus
120 capsules(Type 2 Medicine)


The Papa Vitamin Jelly AD Plus is a bittersweet lemon-flavored vitamin tablet. It contains Vitamin C which aids collagen formation, in addition to Vitamin A which strengthens the skin and mucous membranes and Vitamin D which aids in bone and tooth formation. This tablet can be consumed without water and can be used by small children to senior citizens to easily restore balance to vitamins that are often neglected.


Use Vitamin AD as a supplement for: growing, during pregnancy and weaning, for physical weakness during illness, stunted bone and tooth growth in old age, to prevent rickets
To relieve the following symptoms: dry eyes, night blindness


2 capsules for adults (above 15 years), 1 capsule for children (age 1-14) once daily, to be taken anytime.
Do not give to infants (less than 1 year).


Daily intake (4 capsules)

Vitamin A oil
(Vitamin A 4,000 IUs)
Vitamin D3 0.01mg
Vitamin C 70mg
Contains water, starch syrup, agar, pectin, aromatics, propylene glycol, riboflavine tetrabutyrate, pH conditioner, and two other ingredients as additives.

120 capsules (per can)


JPY 2,200(

Precautions for use

Never do the following
[Failure to observe the following may worsen current symptoms or cause side effects or a medical emergency.]
Do not give to the following.
●Do not give this tablet to infants (below 1 year old).
When to consult before using
1.If you are one of the following, please consult with a physician, pharmacist, or registered sales clerk before using.
(1) Persons undergoing medical treatment from a physician.
(2) Pregnant women within three months of conception, women who consider themselves pregnant, and women who wish to conceive. (There have been reports of higher incidence of congenital defects in children born to children with mothers having a daily intake of greater than 10,000 IUs of Vitamin A in the period beginning three months before and ending three months after conception)
2. Should the following symptoms arise after consumption, there is a risk of side effects occurring. Immediately stop consumption, bring the can and consult with a physician, pharmacist, or registered sales clerk.
Skin … rash/reddening of the skin, itching
Digestive organs… nausea, vomiting
3. If symptoms do not improve after one month of consumption, immediately stop consumption, bring the can, and consult with a physician, pharmacist, or registered sales clerk.
4. Should the following symptoms arise, or should the following symptoms be likely to continue or increase in severity, immediately stop consumption, bring the can, and consult with a physician, pharmacist, or registered sales clerk.

Precautions on dosage

(1) Do not give to infants (below 1 year).
(2) Tablet must be chewed.
(3) Please consume according to the given methods and dosage.
(4) When giving to children (age 1- 6) please ensure that they do not choke.
(5) When giving to small children, please give under the supervision of the child’s guardian.

Precautions on storage and handling

(1) Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.
(2) Store in a place where children cannot reach.
(3) To prevent mistaken consumption, and to preserve quality, do not store in other containers.
(4) Do not consume if product is past the expiration date (found on the bottom of the container).
(5) This vitamin tablet is in jelly form and so may discolor or crack depending on the storage conditions. The medical efficacy of the tablet is unaffected in such situations, and you may consume the tablet as is.

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